Tuesday, July 01, 2008

GameLog 46

Testing to see if the GameLog website is a more useful place to store these logs.

Football Manager 08 (15h) - Gateshead, Season 3, 12th BSP - We've won the Setanta Shield in front of 27,000 paying public to boost morale, the coffers and my profile at the club. I'm coming off contract at the end of this year so the bargaining table is open, open enough for them to accept an upgrade to the training facilities. I'm not going anywhere as although we've given up hope of advancing this season, we're set for a solid run next season. I could still finish ~10th as we're all clustered in the middle, but with 5 games to go there's no real need to bust a gut. Roll on July 1st to clean out the deadwood in the squad.

Guitar Hero III (8h) - After moving the PS3 upstairs and with Greig, Matt & Scott still here we hammered GH3. Finally got to play "Cliffs" on Medium and barely made it through. Scott's playing on medium now too, but it's easier to keep it on Easy and swap between everyone.

TrackMania Nations Forever (7h) - My lack of play had dropped my rank out to the 50,000's, but at least I'm getting 200+ points a race now if I finish on the podium. Ended up back down to the 20,000's

Battle of Tiles (5h) - Showed it to Scott and it filled in a Tuesday night while the WoW servers were down. Kept losing men to the level 3 boss, enough to piss me off and restart. Playing back on medium to see how many levels there are.