Wednesday, January 09, 2008

GameLog 21

Europa Universalis III (35h) - Played through Burgundy to get into the swing of things from a more dominant position. Annexed some of the lower german provinces and vassalised Spain before falling to a massive French army. Played as Scotland to try out the colonization features. Seems to take forever to get a colony up, and it really takes forever to build a base income for tiny nations. Pulled into 3 simultaneous wars against Novgorod, Burgundy and Poland by our allies. Thanks.

Football Manager 08 (6h) - Barrow, 14th EC, Season 2. A few more weeks under the belt to get to the December holidays. I found out that many of Sandy's relllies came from Gateshead, and I'd tried to play them at the start of this version after seeing the stadium size in the Andy Preece writeup, but they had dropped out of the conference. Seriously looking at swapping over and keepign them up as Barrow is lacking something at the moment.

Hellgate London (5h) - VRBones, 9 Engineer. A little more online with Matt.

World of Warcraft (5h) - BundyBear, 70 Warrior. Got back into it with the boys to push through Slabs. Having 5 in a room is the way to go for instances.

Trackmania Nations (4h) - Cameron's Fave. He found the driving wheel in the cupboard while cleaning up, so it's also out on the desk to give him some driving practice.

TF2 (2h) - How the mighty have fallen. Only a single session at Matt's to show them what it's like.