Friday, January 04, 2008

EU3 things I wanted to know

Europa Universalis is a pretty goood game for pure strategy fans, but it really does lack a helpful way to show what you want to do. Sometimes things aren't possible, but more than likely it is possible, just not intuitive whare the bloody button is to do it.

Here's a list of some of the things I had to google up or hunt down outside the game:

  • How do you make one army out of multiple armies?
    Click and drag a box around all the armies in the same location, then you have access to the army manipulation buttons above the selected armies.
  • How can you request military access?
    There are a lot more diplomacy options below the orignally viewed ones, scroll the list down. (Why is it hard to see that the list is scrollable? probably because they are proper buttons and fit the screen neatly. Bad UI)
  • How do you gain back reputation?
    You don't apart from the dribble that your leader gives. (still looking though)
  • How do you board boats?
    Send the boat into the sea (not at the port) then move the unit into the sea. Make sure there is a transport, not just galleys or fighting ships. Don't move more than the number of transports.
  • Where can you see what maintenance a unit costs?
    Upgrade to v1.21, then it is in the tooltip when hovering over a unit.
  • After a restart the trade values look wrong?
    It takes a month to apply supply / demand. Funny how it only happens after you restart the game, not a resign / load.