Monday, September 30, 2013

GameLog 310 - 312

Card Hunter (40h) - Browser game that looks and feels like 1st Ed D&D, but plays with a rather interesting card mechanic.

League of legends (20h) - LAN stalwart & nightly ARAMs with Sam & Co.

Tales of Maj Eyal (15h) - Getting back into ToME to prep for Notorious

Crusader Kings II (5h) - Still a struggle with Seniority succession. England has broken away and will be a long war to get them back in the fold.

Tower of Saviours (2h) - Still entertaining, but the gaps between being able to do something different is getting longer and longer.

F1 2012 (2h) - pre-race racing before the real F1

Terraria (2h) -More multiplayer with Cam.

Hurl (1h) - Ooooh Yeah!