Thursday, August 23, 2012

GameLog 264-266

Pirates: Tides of Fortune (30h) - Level 35 - fB game that seemed to have a good intro. Similarities to Notorious has kept me playing, although the insistence of inviting more and more friends to the game is getting pretty grating.

Fallen Enchantress Beta (20h) - New beta and a significant improvement. Not sure if it's coming off a lacklustre AI in Warlock, but the AI's have been performing much better here. The world itself has come alive a bit more too. Maybe not quite up to Warlock, but certainly holding its own now. Maybe just lots more quests would give it the final spark.

Kongregate: Chronicles of Blood (20h) - Veeyar 22 - fB game converted to Kongregate. What's keeping me in the game are the random drops and crafting. This combined with trading makes for an interesting path for developing your character.

Team Fortress 2 (12h) - New update for co-op mode. Not much co-op, but it's good to get back into 2Fort.

Left 4 Dead 2 (5h) - Picked up in a steam sale. Plays Ok for LAN, but didn't stick.

Realm of the Mad God (2h) - LAN game.