Saturday, September 15, 2012

GameLog 267 - 269

GuildWars 2 (80h) - Veeyar Bones, 45 Mesmer - The pre-purchase and early access to the beta helped pick up on how good this one was going to be. The dynamic worlds are still Ok, butnot as impactful as expected. They do, however, fit into a wonderful puzzle of streamlined gameplay. I'm prety sure this is the new generation of MMO's and I hope it's going to kick on for a while.

Pirates: Tides of Fortune (10h) - Level 38 - fB game that seemed to have a good intro. Similarities to Notorious has kept me playing, although the insistence of inviting more and more friends to the game is getting pretty grating.

Notoriously databased (5h) - Actually got some time to play my web game at the LAN and with Sandy & Voidwolf for a few good stints. The game is maturing more than I expected, and rough edges (like player instructions) are being added that I thought I'd not bother about since it was a limited experiment on the larger design concepts.

So where's the steam games?

Nowhere ..
2nd time in 5 years of gamelogs where steam has had a clean sheet.