Monday, March 19, 2012

GameLog 238-241

Another missed bi-weekly log. Must remember to check alarm :/

Crusader Kings 2 (120h) - Very polished update of Crusader Kings. The 7 deadly sins also make much more sense as one of the major character changes are the virtues & vices. Tried multiplayer with Sandy, but it's laggy and drops out over LAN (?). Currently into the 4th generation of the Strathearns 

Jagged alliance (40h) - Good take on the old series. Bit concerned about no fog of war when paused though. If it weren't for Crusader kings, I'd have probably finished this one off.

Realm of the Mad God (6h) - Tried this one out for LAN, which may still be a goer, but it's simple enough for Cameron to play too.

Fallen Enchantress beta (4h) - New beta and the experience point system feels a little wonky now. Lots of other pieces coming together though.

Grepolis (4h) -Game finally came to an end with EN pushing once again over top of an inactive player on our wonder islands. Some went over to join Evolution, but that's it for me. More time for notorious now.

Dwarf Fortress (2h) - New version finally! Adventure mode is a little bit better, but possibly even more viscious than before.

League of Legends (2h)
Dungeon Defenders (1h)
Terraria (1h) - Quick couple of games with cam.