Monday, March 19, 2012

GameLog 242-244

Another 3-week report :/

Stronghold Kingdoms (100h) - Steam has this one out at 253 hours, but It's really been sitting in the background most of the time. It is VERY sticky though, much more than Grepo. There seems to be always things to check, but if you sit and look to find time between decisions, there actually is a fair bit to be had. Seems a good diversion when playing Crusader Kings II, but has also stitched itself into almost all my daily activities.

Crusader Kings 2 (20h) - The Strathearns are now into their 5th dynasty and own Scotland, Ireland and a cousin sitting in Denmark. Norway may be next with a shaky succession line to interfere with, or some more land in Egypt from the infidels.

Realm of the Mad God (15h) - LAN and Cam.An interesting take on permadeath. Items are the main part of progression, but only 8 slots and no shops to sell to makes it an interesting levelling up process.

Dwarf Fortress (2h) - Adventure mode is still viscious. Haven't got a character past 2 battles yet. Tempted to bump it up to Demigod, but I feel that there isn't that much of the game once he gets a couple of levels.