Friday, December 30, 2011

Notoriously Databased

Over the holidays I've been building a google spreadsheet along with some forms to play a light version of Notorious. A play-by-email if you will. The game is intentionally stripped down as far as I can go while still retaining the higher design elements to test whether there is still any 'fun' or 'game' there. If there is, remove more. If there isn't, add some back in.                      
Notoriously Databased

Dungeon stats
At the start of each round, your dungeon is essentially a couple of stats:
Notoriety: How much the town fears you. Expect an attack each turn at a level based on this number.
Treasure: The amount of gold / equipment / tradeable stuff you have in your dungeon
Dungeon size: The amount of space dug out so far.
 - Minion living space: Amount of space dedicated to housing minions
 - Prisoner Space: Amount of space dedicated to housing townsfolk to help dig.  Prisons can hold 10 prisoners per space.
 - Fortification space: Amount of space for traps / secret doors / dungeon layout.          
Total defense: Total defense = Dungeon security + Minion security
 - Dungeon Security: Provides additional defense, as well as maintaining this amount of gold if a wipe occurs.
 - Minion Security: Total amount of security offered by elites and normal minions.
Minion Defenders: Amount of minions allocated to defence.                      
Minion Elites: Elites are 2x more effective at fighting (Defending / raiding)
Minion Diggers / Builders: Amount of minions allocated to expanding your dungeon size.
Prisoners: Amount of captured townsfolk currently expanding your dungeon size.        
Each turn a player assigns these actions to their dungeon:
Order digging: Amount of minions ordered to dig instead of defend              
Raid town for treasure / prisoners: Choose the amount of minions to send on the raid and the amount of treasure / prisoners to go after. Monsters on a raid will not be in your dungeon next turn. If successful, returns the amount of treasure / prisoners requested. Can choose to disguise as another player to give them the notoriety instead. Raid success is calculated by the amount of town security compared to the amount of monsters sent. The town's prosperity will indicate how deep into the town they will need to go to get the required resources.

Raid another dungeon for treasure / prisoners: Choose the amount of monsters to send on the raid. They will not be in your dungeon next turn. Note that dungeon raids happen AFTER heroes have softened them up.
Ransom prisoners: You will receive 1 treasure per prisoner ransomed and reduce notoriety.              
Increase fortifications: Requires 1 space and 5 treasure              
Equip Minion: Requires 1 treasure per minion converted to an elite. Elites fight 2 times better and are last to be killed.              
Hide Hide this many elites. Implemented as raiding 'no-one'. They just spend time away from the dungeon when you expect a wipe.
End of Turn resolution order                      
Hidden minions / treasure are set aside                      
Raiding parties are set aside                      
Ransom prisoners - Remove prisoner.                      
Convert minion to elite                      
Assign minion diggers                      
Increase fortifications - Remove money                      
Raid town - Add ALL player town raids together to calc total desired resources                      
Raid town - Calc defense per treasure and per villiager                      
Raid town - Assign defense to each player's raid and kill off raiders per defense. If they have minions remaining, raid is successful                      
Raid town - Successful raids either set (disguised) player notoriety to amount stolen, or increases notoriety by 1 if already higher                      
Hero Attack - Heroes (elite) of fighting skill equal to player's notoriety attacks. Player with highest notoriety has 1.5x notoriety heroes attack.                       
Hero Attack - Hero kills off an amount of minions equal to their fighting skill. If any heroes remain, wipe.                       
Hero Attack - If no heroes remain, add treasure to dungeon per hero (= 1/2 fighting power = 1/2 notoriety)                       
Raid dungeon - Add ALL player dungeon raids against that player together. If greater than the dungeon defense, wipe.                      
Raid dungeon - If multiple players attacking, highest army kills others and takes all spoils.                      
Raid dungeon - Successful raids remove all gold & prisoners                      
Amount of space is increased by remaining (diggers + prisoners) / 10                      
Increase fortifications - Assign fortification space if not wiped                      
Ransom prisoners - Add gold, reduce notoriety                      
Successful raids return                      
Hidden minions / treasure return                      
Fill remaining space with minions (or remove minions if space smaller)                      
Allocate 1 notoriety to each player that an adventurer didn't return from.                      
If all actions gain no notoriety for the player, and they have been wiped by the town, reset notoriety to 0.                      
Town report - Build a notoriety list                      
Town report - Add all actions against the town                      
Player report - Collate all actions that the player knows about