Wednesday, December 28, 2011

GameLog 228-231

Ahh holidays!

Grepolis (100h) - Holidays started out with a big revisit to Grepolis with many operations and defensive maneuvers to dive back into.

AI War: Fleet Command (50h) - The first of many games to be wheeled out again for the steam christmas achievement list. I'd given this one a go a while back, but I couldn't get into it. 2 things changed, both from replaying the tutorials:
1) The game is more of a puzzle / grand strategy rather than RTS. The unique starting positions with the AI owning everything and you with nothing makes a very interesting tak on the Genre.
2) Turn on the option for ships to be automatically placed into defensive mode, and engineers to be on auto fix / help too. Makes the game actually playable rather than incredibly frustrating that you'd missed one single ship attacking and he'd wiped out half your main base while 100's of ships watch on.

Gratuitous space battles (14h) - Another one that I'd tried the demo of earlier, but couldn't get into. Was the sweetner on a very good Humble Bundle. Once again it was understanding what the game was about; you don't just beat a fleet and move on, the whole game is about beating the fleet again and again with smaller and smaller fleets. This one is definitely for the optimisers, and that's me.

Demigod (12h) - Early 4-pack pickup from Ben for LANs. Older than LoL and it feels like it's from a different time. Plays Ok. No real bugs that I'd heard about on launch.

EYE Divine Cybermancy (10h) - Steamy sales. Had kept a bit of an eye on this one, but for less than 5 bucks it's definitely worth a go. Hacking started of being pretty cool (in all the things you can hack), but turns out to be rather boring. Game itself is interesting enough to continue regardless.

Dungeons of Dredmor (10h) - Interested in this one after listening to a dev chat on Roguelike Radio, and a steam sale + steam chrissy achievement was certainly enough to get me into it. Pushed enough to get the achievement, but will probably leave this one for later.

Orcs Must Die (7h) - Another cheapy with christmas coal at the end. Good atmosphere, but moved on to other coal-givers.

Civ 4 (6h) - LAN game with Levi. Bit of a blast going back after Civ 5.

League of Legends (5h) - Always the LAN staple.

Grand Prix Story (4hrs) - More of less completed it. Once I found out about accessing better cars and parts purely through upgrading the current parts (rather than seeing the investment as pointless) it was pretty easy.

Guardians of Graxia (2h) -  More Coal.

Jametown (2h) - Humble Bundle for coal!

Frozen Synapse (2h) - Indie coal!

Terraria (1h) - New patch with hardcore mode. Lasted an hour by the looks.