Monday, July 12, 2010

GameLog 153 & 154

Civ4: BtS (33h) - 1 LAN while LoL servers were down, but I've been keen on getting Fall from Heaven II mod working in the steam version. Started a couple of games, but I'm very pleased at the moment about a Grigori campaign ona tiny map with 6 other AIs and barbarian cities. The place feels more alive right from the start.

Uplink (22h) - Whole introversion pack for $5? done! Mainly wanted to play multiwinia, but uplink downloaded first and it's been great getting back into it. More or less setup at the moment apart from a beefier system to crack LANs before being booted off.

League of Legends (15h) - Game of choice for LANs and multiplayer over the net.

Grepolis (8h) - Helped in a merc war, but an analysis of the 'fantasy of Labour' by Naomi Clark in 'Another Castle' made me sit up and take notice on what the game meant to me. Seems like showing up is all the skill you need in it too if you're not attacking or being involved in an alliance.

Puzzle Kingdoms (7h) - More fiddling around with Sandy and Cameron

For the Glory (7h) - Tinkering more, but fallen by the wayside to ffh2.

EVE (5h) - Victim of a massive steam sale.

Trackmania nations (2h) - more Cameron making maps than actively racing.

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix (1h) - Showed Ben how to win without the other player having a go. took a bit to remember the exact sequence, but managed to beat every ship he had without him getting a turn.