Monday, July 26, 2010

GameLog 155 & 156

Civ4: BtS (20h) - Fall from Heaven II game with the Grigori. Took a while to claw into 1st place, but fell by the wayside once I got there.

League of Legends (20h) - Picked up an 8/5 win/loss record in Season 1 before they tossed out everyone under level 30. Picking up a couple of games a night to run up the XP.

Cosmic Supremacy (15h) - another Free-to-play web based strategy game. Has a really interesting AI builder to help administer the planets & fleets, but was a little too sanitized to keep me going. Was in 2nd of 20 probably due to the AI programming.

Puzzle Kingdoms (15h) - Sandy managed to finish it, so apart from helping out Cameron, it time to move on. Bit disappointed you don't get to build an army larger than the 60 points initially given. Seems an arbitrary limit and I'm not sore whether we just missed something. Playing the quick battles there are MUCH lager point armies that are fielded.

King's Bounty (10h) - Got a hankering to play through this one again. More or less done the first island again with little to no losses.

East india Company: privateer (8h) - Another cheap steam purchase. Seems very lightwweight for a Paradox game. Even the expansions offer a different game type on top of the core game rather than cleaning up the interface.

Team Fortress 2 (2h) - Tester for the megapatch.

Trackmania nations (2h) - Back at TrackMania for Competitive Computer Games at School.