Tuesday, June 15, 2010

eLearning Explorations

We're drawing to a close for the day-long workshop on eLearning explorations: Virtual Learning Spaces. It started out pretty badly with my expectation that sippy downs was off the Pomona turnoff; a whole 1/2 hour away from where it actually was. Luckily I was early enough to make it on time, but it's going to make the journey back even longer :/. Upon arrival I found out that I wasn't on the list of attendees, and was also the only one not from EQ. Being outside the EQ system became an issue as we immediately went to log in to the Blackboard system entrenched inside EQ's MOE. Finally got a jury-rigged account together that let me fiddle with the instructor's section of Blackboard, but everyone else immediately hopped into their own personal course. The realisation dawned that this workshop may be all hands on Blackboard and not a discussion into WHY you'd use Blackboard (or any other VLE) that I'd hoped.