Sunday, January 03, 2010

GameLog 127 & 128

Civ IV: Colonization (44h) - I'd been eyeing off the Civ IV complete pack for a while, and a 50% discount on Steam was all the help I needed to pick it up. Big big game of Colonization to get some points on the board for tthe steam stats. I have the majority of the map and have just declared independance.

Football Manager 2010 (29h) - T.Bowes - FM 2010 Made it to new year's 2012 and still up in contention. We're out of the FA Cup after a lacklustre home game against a Div 1 side. Hopefully we can get the FA Trophy before going up.

Torchlight (9h) - Another steal at $10 on steam. I'm really liking their agressive discounting strategy, and it's helped me pick up really cheap indie prezzies for my brothers too (World of Goo, Audiosurf, Gratuitous Space Battles). Level 14 or so on hardest.

Titan Quest: Immortal throne (9h) - Made it through to Legendary, so now's the time to start hunting for uniques.

Dominions 3 (5h) - Couple of restarts on smaller maps.

Company of Heroes (2h) - Finally downloaded CoH and its expansions, but it's a little jerky. Not sure why? It killed myy download limit though as Steam continually kept restarting the download and wouldn't stop. I wish steam would play nice and have some sort of throttling available to allow others the use of the net.