Monday, May 25, 2009

GameLog 93 & 94

Mount & Blade (58h) - Played through a fair bit of the main campaign, but Greig's description of "The Eagle and the Wolves" mod had me chomping at the bit to create my own kingdom. Started an AAR for the journey called Tales of Ymira. Need to get back to the story though, I'm almost 2 months ahead. Had an interesting idea to take screenshots and run them through GIMP to get a pencil-drawn look. Ymira is going to be the historian and artist of our clan.

Trackmania Nations Forever (10h) - Cameron now has over 40 tracks created between both computers. I've been roped into testing the and offering some encouragement and guidance, along with racing a fair bit on the Real F1 Racing server.

Elven Legacy (5h) - Ben picked up on a couple of things I'd missed in this game, so I fired it up again to push through the bonus missions that had held me up.

Team Fortress (3h) - Test of the new spy and sniper patches.

World of Goo (2h) - Picked my way through to the end of level 3 to get more goo balls for the tower. Been working on a tower design on paper that combines all the single-strand joiners into on middle spoke so that you can take it out and release all the non-double-linked goobers. Didn't get too high on the practical implementation though.

World Series of Poker (1h) - Another championship round done. Keeps crashing.

Osmos (1h) - Demo for an interesting game offf GWJ