Thursday, May 14, 2009

GameLog 86 -> 92

With all the Uni stuff I haven't been feeling the urge to write up the game logs, so unfortunately 6 weeks have gone by. It hasn't stopped me from playing games though ...

Elven Legacy (35h) - Lots of time on the demo, then found it for only $30 on steam.

Colonization (20h) - Couple more games.

Civilization (15h) - New tectonics map mode is wonderful with advanced start, duel map and 3v3.

Trackmania Nations Forever (15h) - Playing lots with Cameron as well as finishing up the Competitive Computer Games summer league. Cameron is taking a shine to creating all sorts of tracks, in fact all sorts of games that allow you to create things (like spore). The tracks are great. I wouldn't have thought he could have made the tracks with differing heights and placement of pieces, but he's now telling mommy where all the pieces are ..

Kongregate (10h) - Procrastination king (just one more achievement)

Baldur's Gate (10h) - Playing through the original series with Ben. Probably another 5 hours trying to get the stupid thing to connect.

Free Realms (6h) - Chase Windshield - level 4 card master

Mount & Blade (5h) - Birthday present from Greig.

World Series of Poker (4h) - Scott & Corina installed it and I ran a tourney or 2. Keeps crashing.

Neverwinter Nights 2 (2h) - more time trying to set up multiplayer. Coming back to this once BG and BGII are completed.

Skate 2 (1h) - Procrastination time.