Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Veeyar - Space Ranger

Got into the mood for another AAR and decided to try it as a blog again. Veeyar - Space Ranger is my latest epic adventure into the world of Space Rangers 2.

One thing I've been struggling with in Andy Preece: Retired is that I'm not sure whether it's better in reverse chronological order like a blog, or chronological order like a book. The Andy Preece one made more sense as a blog because that was part of the aesthetic I wanted. This new one though has more of a story feel to it, so it probably would be better as a book.

Problem is though that it's really hard to set up a blog back in chronological order. A couple of hours googling and experimenting didn't reveal a proper solution. Ideally I'd like the blog to be in chronological order and the blog archive to read like an index of chapters. In the end I found a little trick with modifying the posting dates allowed it to appear as if it was posted on the 1st January 3300. This made the archive behave a bit better too, but every time yo touch the post you need to keep aligning the year as it drops the millenium and century for more realistic values (read: it re-interprets the date as a 6 character string rather than keeping the value as a date or long. Sloppy, sloppy. That's what caused the millenium bug problems.)