Monday, January 05, 2009

GameLog 72 & 73

Spent a fair while away from the PC over the Christmas break here and up in Mackay. Another fortnightly log is the result.

Space Rangers 2 (20h) - Once we arrived in Mackey, Matt's computer room already had 4 PCs set up and no real room for mine or Sandy's. I hopped on Scott's to see what else he had other than WoW and found an old version of Space rangers 2. Great, there goes the holidays of playing games together. Just .. one ... more .... mission.

Recently found a new expansion for it which co-incided with my pang to write another AAR; hence Veeyar - Space Ranger is born. I also reminisced about AARs for Living Epic, so maybe this AAR will be shaped by what I learn in that course.

Mount & Blade (17h) - Greig had bought the beta version about a year ago, but it's fleshed out a lot since then. He was telling me about the changes and it was enough for me to grab the demo for a run around myself. Almost picked up the full version a couple of times, but ~$60 for digital content is basically a full priced game. I'd have been happy with $40. Plays well.

Little Big Planet (4h) - Cameron's go-to game when he wants to spend time with me. He's happy to play a little then give me the controller, and I'm happy to play while he watches.

WoW:WotLK (3h) - BundyBear, 72 Warrior.
Tried to organize a run on Nexus while we were up in Mackay, but it never happened.

King's Bounty (3h) - Digging around for SR2:reboot I found that the Russians had also moved on to develop a remake of King's Bounty, an awesome game from the 90's. Demo seemed a bit sluggish, even on my GTX 260. Not sure why. Definitely something I'd get if I can find it locally or cheap online. For now SR2 will suffice...

Lego Indiana Jones (2h) - Played this up at Matt's on his new 360. I'm firmly of the belief now that LBP has ruined all other platformers for me. The physics and touch applied to the 'lil sackboy is just another level of intuitiveness higher than previous titles.

TrackMania Nations Forever (2h) - Quick fix for boredom.

Dungeon Crawl (1h) - Another quick fix while I download the next demo.

Club Penguin (1h) - One of the recommended games for Living Epic short course.

Runescape (1h) - Another recommended game for Living Epic short course.