Monday, October 20, 2008

GameLog 61 & 62

Colonization (30h) - Remake of the Sid Meier classic. Plays almost identically, but more emphasis on defeating the old world rather than sucking up the taxhikes and seeing out the turns.

Deus Ex (15h) - After a stint at Fallout 2, I opened up Deus Ex for another step up the ladder of "great" games I didn't get to play 1st time around. Plays more like MGS than Quake. Didn't really get deep enough into the story to really see it shine.

World of Goo (10h) - Nuff said

FM08 (5h) - Gateshead, 2nd BlueSquare Premier - Only a few more games to go in the season. I'm in the FA Trophy finals which I was gunning for, but also managed to get into the Setanta Shield final for a back-to-back win.

Warhammer Online (5h)
Veeyar, 19 Bright Wizard, Lustria
Veeyar, 12 Shaman, Anlec

GH3(4h) - Just mucking around after work.

Trackmania nations (3h) - Real F1 Racing again.

+ Lots of little demos and online Kongregate games. Procrastination mode is keeping me away from doing something substantial and the next big wave of collectibles are on their way.