Saturday, September 20, 2008

Legendary WAR

Picked up the CE box today for WAR and the thing is HUGE!
I hadn't really noticed it when I took it out of the shop apart from the bag straining under the weight. When I unpacked it though, the thing towered over all the other games boxes! Opening it up there was the obligatory 'Art of' book, but the size was also impressive at over 250 pages. Another hardcover book with a comic that I'll probably never have time to read, and a lead minture that's going straight to the pool room.

Online there are all sorts of goodies, like a book for 15% additional XP for 2 hours, a unique ring and headgear (mine was a sash to go over my eyes, talk about taking blind healing literally), a 5% health boost for 5 minuts and some other assorted goodies.

The box itself looks like a tome of knowledge, and is probably going to sit somewhere prominent for a while (hard not to it's so big).

While playing yesterday Ben mentioned he was invited into Legend. I recalled scrapping with the eventual leader in some early RvR action, so I jumped in too. Good to see there are a fair few with CE in the guild. Quite impressed with the website too.