Wednesday, September 24, 2008

GameLog 57 & 58

Wow, 3 weeks without a GameLog. 2 Uni assignments kinda killed the gaming of late (as well as the blogging). PC had a hiccup too, so it now has a new PSU, Mobo and memory to see it through to retirement.

Warhammer Online (20h) - Bad time for the head start and full release of the game. wish I had more time to put into it. Now I'm clear of Uni for the year it's going to get more of my attention.

Civ 4: BtS scenario Aftermath(7h) - Procrastination mode helped pull out this exceelnt little scenario. Probably too addictive for a distraction from assignments, but now I can't remember why I stopped...

Spore (5h) - Attempted some SporeLogs, but the game didn't keep my attention long enough to really do them justice.

GH3 (2H)
Trackmania nations (2H)
Kongregate games (2H)