Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Finally Kongai

Was feeling tired last night, but as i was packing away the plethora of web windows I had open I got sidetracked again. Eventually ended up back on the Kongregate website, and ran into an old game; Kongai. I had originally been interested in the game after reading Gamasutra's analysis of Kongai, but at the initial launch you had to play LOTS of Kongregate games to even get a starting deck. It now looks like you get 3 cards to start off, so at least you can jump in and see what it's actually like.

I really like it.

I've been using the R/P/S example for so long about game balance by metagame, now sirlin has formalised the metagame into a definable set of yomi states. Yomi; knowing the mind of the opponent. Excellent word. Kongai is full of Yomi.