Sunday, August 31, 2008

WebQuest underway

Started work on my WebQuest for Uni. Initially I had thought about developing a WebQuest on lateral thinking as I had recently finished listening to an audiobook on the subject by DeBono. It seemed messy and contrived though. Close to the end of the first e.Learning assignment one of my comments on the boards regarding the reasons for a standard operating environment brought with it another thought...
School Internet Access.
I could easily build a WebQuest on that topic and I could see immediately how all the pieces would fit together. Students would first look at why they can't have access to everything by looking at the problem through different people's perspective (such as the teacher, the school, the parent or the IT Administrator). From this they can then look at whether any changes to the internet policy are recommended. They can then present these recommendation to a school panel to see if there are indeed changes to be made. Hopefully they will come up with some legitimate ideas that have a positive benefit to the school.