Tuesday, July 15, 2008

GameLog 48

Football Manager 08 (14h) - Gateshead Season 4, 14th - Raked in over 100K from the friendlies as well as testing out some trialling players. Only one or 2 that are much better than the current crop, most are on par. Still haven't quite gotten rid of my dirty midfielder. 25 yellows in a season where he was playing on easy tackling means he's just not worth his great defensive stats. Played through the first 6 or so games and it's looking a little dicy. I always seem to start poorly?

UnAngband (12h) - VRBones, Level 7 Rohan ranger - After reading a lot about the level design that's gone into this variant I'm enjoying the different experience. There's simply more interesting stuff going on. The rooms have descriptions as you enter them. Most walls have features, even torches you can grab, plus there's lots of junk lying around to make it feel more 'lived in'. Coming down from FuryBand it's a little hard to get into the slower fighting mode where you can't just slice through any living object with 16 attacks a round. What seems most annoying is that certain creatures like faeries in the initial sewers seem to dodge about 19 times in 20. Lucky they can't hit the side of a barn door either.

played a couple of different characters. The obligatory pally to get used to the system, then some hobbits since it was so LotR themed. Hobbits are even worse for hitting things, so eventually I settled on a rohan human for the additional speed and a dual-weilding ranger for added damage with a little divination. Even though you choose a school of magic at the start it still didn't give me a starting book, so at level 7 I still haven't used any magic. Dual-wielding looks incomplete. It mentions using a throwing weapon as a secondary, but if I do it simply mentions that 'I know the weapon better', even with the starting configuration. Had a hunt through the code and it didn't seem to do what I expected. Instad of giving an additional strike, it alternates attacks between the different weapons per blow (except when charging, although I still haven't figured out how to do that). Maybe the dual-wielder style gives you additional melee strikes sooner?

FuryBand (10h) - VRBones LXXI, Level 29 Mutant Beorning Jedi - Finally made it past level 27 where light jedis get *identify*. Found out that most of my random artifacts were crap, but at least I know I can drop them now. The RNG pets are working wonders. They breed super fast to help initial takeover, confuse enemies to last longer and also drop goodies if they die. It'll take some serious summoners to top these guys.

Guitar hero III (3h) - keep plinking away mainly after work. Slowly improving medium songs. More of a relaxing thing than something I'm dedicated to ATM.