Thursday, June 19, 2008

Spore creature creator

It's time for some critters!

Even tohugh I picked up the pre-order, the 17th rolls on and there's nothing released. Eventually the trial version is out, but still nothing on the full version.

Mucked around in the trial version last night for about 4 hours creating 4 totally different creatures. I showed Cameron tonight and he liked it enough to keep him occupied, but "TrackMania" was the real reason we went to the PC and eventually it won out.

Seeing no way to update the trial into the full fersion I uninstalled the trial to see if there was anything the EA downloader would do. Now instead of saying 'Play' it says "releasing in 3 hours". Looks like EA are heading the same way as steam with their downloader and are being tarred by the same ineptitude.