Wednesday, February 20, 2008

GameLog 27

TF2 (20h) - Back to its best. Another map was released on the big Friday update and it's got all the fun of the originals all over again. More maps (No, make that more quality maps) is al that's needed to keep it alive. No other changes necessary.

After all the fuss about the medic unlockable guns, nothing was in the update to do anything of the sort. *Shrug*

Warcraft 3: TFT (10h) - Mainstay of the LAN with Ben. Tried a couple of custom maps, mainly TD.

Trackmania Nations (8h) - St Luke's CCG + LAN with Ben.

Football Manager 08 (3h) - Managed to look through a couple more possible players, but on the whole it's been putting me to sleep rather than making time disappear.

Mythos (2h) - Server availability is keeping me away. Would have made an excellent LAN game, but it wasn't to be.

World of Warcraft (1h) - Started playing it as a test with Ben. May look at doing a whole WoW weekend for the youth group with trial accounts for those without. Hopefully be able to crack into level 20+.