Saturday, February 16, 2008

Close Speaker Phone Companion in System Tray

There are a few glitchy things with my computer at the moment, one is a "phone enhancement" icon that manages to garble my mic in TF2. Finally tracked a solution down via google:

"Close Speaker Phone Companion" in system tray? - Geeks to Go!:
A small black phone icon appears in my system tray. It is an icon of a black rotory dial phone with the handset rising off the phone. When I scroll over it I see the message: "Close Speaker Phone Companion". Left click and the icon in the system tray disappears, right clicking does nothing.

And the answer ...
Ok. this icon is not a malware, or virus. It's an option you made playng with your sound card.
My sound card is a SoundMax. And detects when an aplication is using the microphone.
Here is what you have to do:
If you have SoundMax integrated soundcard, open the soundmax control panel. (you will find it in control panel, or the system tray. like a blue icon, with 'play' symbol on it

- Open the preferences and go to the microphone tab.
At the Microphone enhancements chose No filtering.