Sunday, October 07, 2007

WCG 2007

.. is over in Seattle this year. Nice city; reminds me of Brisbane.

My phone's slowly dying because of the 110v power over here (takes forever to recharge fully), so I'll need to get the photos up when I get back.

The WCG press interviewed me on day 1 after the openng ceremony. We talked for 1/2 hour about my previous involvement and about QGL, however it looks like most of the stuff didn't make the article. They could have at least spelled Bundy right ...

I'm eyeing off a Nintendo DS lite over here. After playing the Puzzle quest demo a while back on the PC I've been itchng to get the game. Since it's not out yet on PC and it's still going strong on the DS I think it's enough to pick it up by itself. Add to that some addictive little brain games to justify the purchase and I'm sold. Apparently they are cheaper over here than in Singapore. Wouldn't have expected that. Games are $20-$30 too.