Monday, October 22, 2007

GameLog 11

Back to it. WCG threw my weekly reflection out of whack a bit, as well as cutting seriouly into game time. It was great to meet up with familiar referees & players, as well as getting an opportunity to meet more from the best in the world.

Steam now has stats tracking for TF2 and Portal in 2 week increments, so it'll be easier to make up for a couple of weeks missing by having a 2 week GameLog.

TF2 (30h) Still has that oldstyle feel that hooks me in. I love it. Hope it becomes the Grand Unifying Game of all team based FPS.
Puzzle Quest (20h) 19 Druid. The flight back gave a lot of time to get stuck into Puzzle Quest on the DS. It's an addicting game and most spare moments I had I'd be playing it. It's actually surprising how easy it is to pull it out, flip the lid and you're in the game immediately. Even a 20 second window would be meaningful enough to pop it out and shuffle a couple of manaballs around.
Portal (11h) 2 hours to finish it, 4 hours to finish advanced, so that must have left 5 hours of trickjumping and listening to the JoCo soundtrack over and over ;)
World of Warcraft (8h) It won't go away that easy, but it sure is being neglected.
Brain Age 2 (6h) Another pick up on the DS. Sandy and I are using it as a good social wakeup game. Cameron is even in on the action and is demanding 'little poota' whenever it comes in sight. He's got the hang of clicking through the menus with the stylus to get to the drawing or piano game, so that's something I guess.
Trackmania Nations (2h) Some after-work destressing when Cameron is around. Otherwise it's straight into TF2!
FIFA 07 (1h) New season of Competitive Computer Games starting at St Luke's with FIFA this term. I'm writing the proposal for next year's events and it looks like we might drop to a one game format, with TrackMania leading the vote so far in terms of fun factor, ease of playablilty and ease of competition management.