Monday, July 23, 2007

GameLog 02

Finally settled of updating outlook calendar with the actual time spent rather than trying to make an autonomous CPU count (did't work for smaller games like Powder).

I was expecting the count to be down this week due to bible study, youth, Transformers, and other after hours activities. The LAN certainly restored balance.

Titan Quest: Immortal Throne (22 hours) - A Saturday LAN for the youth turned into a big TQITfest, followed up by another impromptu LAN on Sunday with the main protagonists. Even though I made up a new druid, after the end of it the old one was a better build. Instead of going all the way to the end of nature, my main one had only gone 1/2 way to get the nymph before finishing off defense. The total speed from equipment and auras made for high damage and escapism too.

World of Warcraft (7 hours) - Guessing at this point. Will have to check the logs.

Powder (6 hours) - Still haven't got a character down past level 10 let alone to the end. Seems pretty arbitrary about gear drops and skill gifts as to whether you can get a character to survive. Finally found divination that gives identify spell. Fits Ok with rogues, but they aren't the fastest class around.

Trackmania Nations (3 hours) - Competitive Computer Gaming started up for the 2nd season of TMN at StLuke's. It also saw a look-in at the LAN, but some maps made Sandy motion sick.