Monday, July 30, 2007

GameLog 03

Titan Quest: Immortal Throne (7.5 hours) - Made it past the titan at the end of the original game. He's a massive step up from any other monster or boss in the game, and required a change in strategy, albeit to a simple 'ranged attack with poison' that any character could do.
Trackmania Nations (6.5h) A few sessions online got me back into the swing of things. Mixed with a national Karting championships in Bundy for added incentive.
World of Warcraft (6h) - Sandy's catching me again. Need more quality time for getting quests done.
Overlord (6h) - Didn't expect it to be directly involved, but more indirectly like Dungeon Keeper or Evil Genius. It plays a lot like Fable and has that XBox feel to the graphics and story structure. Your minions are really an extension of yourself to kill / fetch / do things, and it seems almost cumbersome to have to actually hit something yourself. It has an interesting take on advancement too where you can replay any area you have done to get more items / gold, almost as if the game is taunting you; "go right ahead, spend your time doing stupid things while I wait here for you to do something useful like the next mission".
Powder (5 h) Gotta stop playing this. Stupid little addictive game. Was supposed to be a simple diversion and it's got nothing on any of the angband variants. Can't get very far into it though, so I think that's what got the hooks into me at the moment. Once I finish the main boss I'm guessing it'll get dumped pretty quick.
Bookworm (1h) - Hmm, another bookworm spell coming on. I'm looking at making a website to host "the ultimate bookworm game" where the board is posted up each 50,000 points for people to find the best word.