Saturday, February 03, 2007

U touch my Bottom ?

I pulled out a shirt to wear a couple of weeks ago, an old Scripture Union shirt that I picked up from Sonfest a couple of years ago. It was purchased because there was a great singer on at the time, doing her first gig in 'the fridge' (an air conditioned tent; perfect for summer in Boonah) and I grabbed a shirt to get some signatures. After a bit of reminiscing about the great events of Sonfest, I decided to look up Nikki again to see if she'd produced any music yet. Sure enough, Nikkki Kummerow is out there in cyberspace, with the obligatory MySpace account for budding singers. I couldn't find any of the original songs lying around, but some of her new stuff has the same feeling behind it.

Third Day were also in town (well, Brisbane, but close enough) over the Australia Day weekend and I'd snaffled some tickets as a Chrissy surprise for Sandy. Apparently hiding the CD with the tickets in the CD rack wasn't the greatest of spots as she found it 2 days later. Third day were great. In an enclosed auditorium the music shifted up a notch over the other 2 Sonfest appearances I'd seen them at.