Wednesday, February 28, 2007

eSport week 3

We'll be getting into the 3rd week of eSport @ St Luke's this afternoon and it's now time to start diagnosing how it's going.

The numbers havs slowly dropped from an inital signup of 23 to 17 on the first week, then down to 13 on the 2nd week. Hopefully the dropouts are people who may not be up for the competitve elements of the sport, but I'll start to ask around this afternoon to see if there is anything that needs to be addressed.

The next phase will be to also include other teachers to gauge their opinion on how it is progressing. Ideally it should be a sport that can stand in its own right without my pushing, as it certainly needs to do that once it gets out to other schools and other districts. I 'm also beginning to get some documentation together for how to set up Competitive Computer Games in a school environment so that the process will be as smooth as possible getting it through BDSSS.

EDIT: I guess there wasn't anything to worry about, 20 showed for this week.