Wednesday, January 10, 2024

The dawn of Custom GPTs

 As OpenAI's app store approaches, it's time to take stock of the Custom GPTs written in the past few months:

Luther 1521

I am writing as Martin Luther on this day in 1521. Check in daily and journey through the year the reformation was born and the most intense year of Luther's life.

One of the first CustomGPTs I created and one I consistently come back to. Now that the year has reset it feels like it's worth recording each day somewhere as the Diet of Worms approaches. It's not only been an interesting read, but has made me dig more into the history and times of the reformation. 

Rating: Moderate.

  Churchill 1940

I write as Winston Churchill on this day in 1940. Check in daily for a journey through a critical part of World War II, England as a nation, and Winston's challenge for Prime Minister.

Another year-in-the-life-of GPT made after enjoying Luther so much. 1940 is a really interesting year for the war, for Britain and for Churchill himself. The bleakness of the Blitz jars against common sentiment of the war living on the other side and on the winning team. Now that the year has reset, it's  going to be interesting going through the Battle of Britain, Churchill's sudden charge at Prime Minister and the day-to-day throes of war.   

Rating: Moderate-high

Solution Sage

Hints without the spoilers

I have been contemplating doing a hintbook style YouTube series where the watcher is encouraged to pause the clip after each hint so that they have the joy of figuring out most of the puzzle. This GPT is in the same vein, but has morphed a little into a sage-like response. Still feels like it needs a few more tweaks to make it even less spoilery.

Rating: Moderate


Hi, I'm personality upload of Albert Einstein. Relatively speaking...

I've liked the name AInstein for a while, and a CustomGPT was a good way of using it. This AI is lke running into Albert on campus and discussing the day's events. There's a whole heap of other famous scientists uploaded to the Virtual University, so hearing stories of their interactions is quite interesting. It hasn't gotten as much use as the others after a few days

Rating: Low

Talkie Toaster

Howdy Doodly Doo!

Ahh so you're a waffle man! One weekend we had waffles, which led to regaling the exploits of Talkie Toaster from Red Dwarf to the kids. This one is surprisingly good at mixing in the puns. Longer legs than most of the others and keeps coming up in conversation. 

Rating: Moderate

Code Knight

Card Chess coding companion.

This has been my coding companion since the Custom GPTs came out. It's much easier to upload the entire game as it's small enough to fit into memory. Struggled earlier on to get it to have all the code ready to go rather than analysing it (which it still does sometimes), but the hallucination outside of the coding standards used have dropped dramatically and it's been quite effective. In use far more than any other Custom GPT, but only as a personal assistant and likely never to be release publically.


Personalized, professional job application support.

This is a new Custom GPT to help me apply for jobs. I place a lot of emphasis on the cover letter to bring out the varied experiences I've had and how they would apply to a specific job (far more than the resume' would), so this one helps by analysing previous cover letters to see if a posted job is something I'm likely to be a strong candidate for. It also helps review cover letters for potential weaknesses so that additional effort can be made to shore up those parts of the application. As with most interactions with ChatGPT on a new subject, I like to get it look for weaknesses in the concept first as it tends to be a bit of a yes-man. It's actually pretty good at providing unbiased feedback when requested.