Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Tuesday 11th August (1.5h) NNW 15-20Kn Neilson's Park.
Wednesday looked to be a good Northerly day, but the wind built up enough on Tuesday to have a go at Neilson's. It was blowing straight down the beach at Archie's with little to no waves, and possibly too low a tide for Burnett Heads. Turned out to be a nice little session and I'm glad I tried it so I know what to expect next time.

I thought the rock wall was a little bigger than it was, and it didn't really provide much clean water from the wind. Even though the beach was quite shallow there, I still couldn't quite turn and blast away out through the incoming surf. Most runs left me a little disappointed. I tried the bay to the north of the rock wall and, although it had a rocky bottom, it gave a lot better run up to the breaking waves.