Monday, June 24, 2013

GameLog 297-298

Eador:masters of a broken world (22h) - Knife-edge balance between romping a map and being rolled. Everything's just got to go right or you could seriously lose the map or make it take 4 times longer to win. Begs to be save/loaded, but I'm resisting the urge unless there's monsters I haven't seen yet.  

Candy Crush Saga (14h) - Brain candy.

7 grand steps (10h) - Intriguing end of ages have kept this from getting a little predicctable. Got Sandy hooked too.

Kerbal space program (6h) - Attempting lunar orbits from the demo.

League of legends (5h) - LAN stalwart.

Terraria (5h) - I have a feeling that Cam's mates at school are now getting into this one, which has lead to more multiplayer requests. I'm finally out of my harcore character phase and have built a softcore to explore the current changes.

Warhammer Quest (1h) - iPhone game that I thought I'd get a little more mileage out of.

VR Demos (1h) - although the use of the Rift hasn't been as much as expected, it's certainly sparked an interesting array of questions.