Tuesday, October 16, 2012

GameLog 270 - 273

Another big slab of time without a GameLog ..

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (44h) - Lot of hype from the podcasts and websites I frequent made this a simple pre-order. Plays well in both a reminiscent way and an up-to-date

FTL (26h) - I thought I'd gotten into the kickstarter on this one, but it looks like I missed out. Still, made for an entertaining romp through randomly generated space with a near-complete game. Beat it with the Engi ship. Might be back to it ..

Warlock (20h) - Picked it up to pass the time until XCOM hit. AI still has problems spreading and got rolled by sheer economy. Could have won using any of the criteria, but put the AI out of its misery through conquest. Might be worth trying another one-city challenge for something like avatar victory.
GuildWars 2 (20h) - Veeyar Bones, 60 Mesmer - Still fun, especially at LAN ding dungeon runs or collaborative jumping puzzles.

Notoriously databased (5h) - More playthroughs and good discussions regarding the game. Added a couple more niceties to help smooth out play and am now working on a way to set bounties.

Pirates: Tides of Fortune (2h) - Level 39 - Finally someone wiped me. No incentive to rebuild.