Thursday, August 23, 2012

Notoriously Databased v0.31

User Interface

After a couple of multiplayer experiments, the main feedback was that there isn't enough information to show you what's going on in the dungeon. Some of that was intentional, but some was just poor placement (or no placement) due to the lightweight nature I thought this game would have. Now that it's being tested, it's kind of cool on its own to see a dungeon developing. With that, I put a bit more effort into presenting the data.
  - Reading the character's story defaults to only the story rom the last turn so you don't have to keep scrolling down to the end of the story.
  - Redid the Character Submission to more clearly show dungeon state, and how space is allocated. Also added the village state and current defense ratio.
  - Removed a couple of Edit / Delete hyperlinks to turn it into a more consumer experience instead of a database.
  - Highlight public stories
  - More stories about how many minions / elites are surviving
  - Indicator of who is the most notorious and that they are the focus of heroes. 

Bug List

 - Elites not defending properly
 - spelling errors
 - Villages now appearing back in the village when ransomed / released
 - Hero focus on proper highest notoriety character