Wednesday, May 16, 2012

GameLog 246-250

Another big stint without a gamelog. Getting precariously close to dropping the ball totally on them.

Stronghold Kingdoms (100h) - Finally weaning myself off this one. House 13 imploded a little just as Warlock and world of Tanks caught my interest. Still pop in once a day to pick up cards and keep things ticking over.

World of Tanks (60h) - New filler for time. Starting to get into the higher tiers where strategy and teamwork are needed.

Warlock: Master of the Arcane (50h) - Civ5 meets Master of Magic meets Majesty. Environment and random maps are awesome, but AI doesn't really match up.

Guild Wars 2 Beta (23h) - One beta weekend, but a really good feel about the open world content. Some were heralding the PvP or WvW as the shining part of the experience, but for me they felt too similar to the orinial, whereas the outside world was ahead of  other MMOs. I also really like the way it just gets out of the way and lets you play. So many little things that just make doing what you want, when you want, a breeze.

Diablo III Beta (5h) - Kept dropping every 2 minutes or so from connection issues in the beta, and was completely put off with the whole online-only mode it was offering. The recent launch issues only highlight this as an issue.

Realm of the Mad God (2h) - Multiplayer with Cam.

Terraria (2h) - Multiplayer with Cam.

League of Legends (2h) - First wins of the day when people ask me to play.