Friday, September 23, 2011

GameLog 214 - 217

Crunch time of the year for teaching, so the games dried up. 4 weeks and the total game time is nowhere near my average weekely total :(.

Sengoku (15h) - Picked up Friday night on sale. Looks like a Japanese Crusader Kings, which is perfect to lose myself into for de-stressing. Played a couple of games and it seems a little easier than even Crusader Kings.

Terraria (10h) - Mainly in the weekend after finishing up. Cam's go-to game still.

CivWorld (5h) - Last part of the CivWorld game before shutting up shop. Ended up winning the game and making the 1000 point mark to get the top unlockable achievement.

Grepolis (2h) - Put myself into vacation mode to survive crunch month.