Tuesday, August 23, 2011

GameLog 212 & 213

Space Rangers 2 (25h) - Couple of impossible difficulty games. Looks like reboot has the dominators really cranked on impossible as I had 3 games reduced to a single solar system rather quickly. Though I'd play one out, but I think it might be unrecoerrable once yo lose a merchant facility to repopulate fortresses once you expand out again. Trying a 4th.

Grepolis (15h) - 80th. More scheduling in the night.

CivWorld (10h) - Far too addictive to play during school time.

Terraria (15h) - Cam's multiplayer time.

Bastion (1h) - Started out to see if it was a game Cam liked. "So you want a go?" Cam replied, "Naah, I want to play starcraft"