Monday, July 11, 2011

GameLog 206 & 207

Steam summer sales to the rescue. Lots of bargain bin play and additional achievements to chase.

Civ V (22h) - Rome Rising scenario. Almost a total conversion, and the changes have made the game feel very much like you're playing Rome in its infancy. Map, Tech and AI gives rise to a typical Roman expansion path. Reminds me somewhat of Philip of Macedon in that it makes me want to know more about the actual history of the Roman rise to power.

Grepolis (15h) - 12 cities. 105th. Back into a groove of morning, midday and night time farming runs, plus a little bit of occupation with the freedom that the holidays allows me.

Terraria (12h) - Digging with Cam.

Solar 2 (9h) - Exceptional little Indie title I picked up just before the steam sales. Feel a long time ago now though.

Magicka (8h) - Fun little game. Controls take a bit to get used to, but should be great at LAN.

Mount & Blade: Warband (7h) - New female campaign to chase a ticket.

Shogun: Total war 2 (6h) - New Date' and Tokugawa campaigns to chase tickets.

Guardians of Graxia (6h) - Was meaning to pick this up and give it a go earlier, but never got around to it. Plays somewhat like a tabletop game mixed with Magic: the gathering. Seems a little limited to keep me entertained with all the other stuff I've just picked up.

ToME (5h) - New work starting on Notorious using the ToME engine. Started another play through to see how the new party system works.

League of Legends (5h) - A couple of games a night up in Mackay with brothers.

Hoard (2h) - More fun chasing tickets.

TF2 (2h) - Even more fun. With TF2 going free 2 play, it's going to get a bit more of an airing.

AI war (1h) - Bit too complex to get into during alll the mayhem of the sales and the Mackay trip. Might need to revisit it once things settle down.

Dawn of War 2 (1h) - Last Stand fun at LAN.

Moonbase Alpha (1h) - Limited LAN airing. Pretty fun pinching the dune buggy, but the interface is pretty bad for serious play.