Monday, August 30, 2010

Reaching Out

(So) drink up Jesus cup, drink it to the end ...
Reaching out by Robin Mann

On Friday I had the pleasure of officially welcoming the dignitaries as we opened the new multi-purpose hall at St Johns School. The official opening followed the regular school service of a Friday, as well as being Grandfolks Day and book week!

The service had a theme of community, and the call to love others as God loves us. Jocelyn had prepared a short video of how current members of the school see our sense of community and our response to this call to care. We finished with Reaching Out, an apt choice for the service, but the words to start the final verse really struck me: Take up Jesus cup and drink it to the end. Being greedy? 'Drink it to the end' certainly conveys that sense of thirst and desire for more. And we do! We would dearly love o sit at Jesus' feet day in day out. That's the promise of heaven anyway isn't it? But the kicker is the next few lines:
Love, give, start to live. We are Jesus' friends
May we care with our actions and our prayers
We've been given so much, people, let's all share

If you drink up Jesus to the end, I dare you to NOT love. It's a natural flow-on effect from basking in the grace given to us.
Reach out. Reach out with open arms!