Monday, August 23, 2010

GameLog 159 & 160

Sims 3 - (30h) - Picked up this as a trade for fixing a PC after being inspired by Alice and Kev and Troy Goodfellow mentioning there's something in it for the strategists. Turns out he's right and I love the new wish system as an optimising mechanic. Built out a computer whiz with a dream of a large family, but got caught up in the music business for a but too much of his life. Finally managed to get the ring out and pop 3 kids before everything dried up. 2nd generation is still interesting too, but it's suffered a bit recently with LoL taking out the nightshift.

League of Legends (20h) - level 30!!@! - Finally got back into ranked matches, but it wasn't as entertaining as the initial launch. Might have to revert back to SC2 for my RTS competitive urges.

King's Bounty (5h) - level 10 - More diggin' and lootin'

Starcraft 2 (2h) - Stalled mainly to keep LoL going.

Alien Swarm (1h) - Smal LAN trial. Thught it was a bit more complex in terms of finding gear.