Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gamelog 142 & 143

Grepolis (80h) - Was seriously going to give it away after I got my 4th city as it was going to eat up all my time, but after looking around the net there wasn't really any games that had the same feel that both Sandy and I could play. I found a different, more relaxed groove to play in and currently sitting 5th overall. Alliances make the game though, and I'm in a good one.

Borderlands (4h) - Slowly plugging away through the storyline at Ben's LANs. Well, I think we're following the storyline. It seems to be just running around headshotting for 1 damage.

League of Legends (15h) - Played the beta and thought it would be too hardcore for the masses, but once Greig and Scott got into a groove on it, I redownloaded the client and got into it again.

Final Fantasy XIII (3h) - After dinner game with Cameron.