Sunday, March 28, 2010

GameLog 139 & 140

Grepolis (55h) - Had this little timesink under control until I joined a decent alliance, then it REALLY got out of hand. War has been declared with Nightmares of Elysium, a group of veterans toward the core of the ocean. I'm still way out in front out on my region, but the war might come out this way soon.

Gyromancer (10h) - Picked up the pace a little in the 2nd section, but it's given way to Grepolis now.

Final Fantasy XIII (8h) - Picked this up for the PS3 to host a different sort of LAN. Worked pretty well sitting around trashing the plot and making Sam run Vanelle around. Playing through with Cameron too.

Trackmania (4h) - StLukes CCG & some "race car" time.

Football Manager 2010 (2h) - T.Bowes - FM 2010. Smallest contribution to the game yet with over 300 hours logged in total. Still midtable with 1/2 the season gone. There's a bug in the way you copy out text from the game, so the blog is going to suffer from it. Maybe 3-4 posts a season.

Torchlight (1h) - Little dabble when looking for something to play. Trine would have been better, but it's completed now.