Monday, December 07, 2009

GameLog 123 & 124

Football Manager 2010 (37h) - T.Bowes - FM 2010 AAR is still going, despite some extra pressure from more steam buys. Made a big push into the final part of the season to get promoted. Now I need to rebuild the team again for the next push up into professionalism.

Dawn of War II (17h) - Some crazy Steam offerings ove rthe thanksgiving weekend had the whole 17 THQ games on sale for $50. I remember paying that for DoW2 for Matt & Scott ...
Couple of attempts at playing through the campaign, but the last stand mod looks interesting. Laggy with just 3 peple and skype though. Wierd.

GRID (7h) - Would have thought there was more than 7 hours, but I'm happy to trust Steam this time. Another cheapie over the thanksgiving weekend and a decent game for $7. Plays a little bit easier than I had thought, and no way of tuning cars that I can tell. Had some lag issues every now and then, and this combined with lagouts in DoW2 had me go through the Win 7 rebuild I'd been putting off. Seems to be running cleaner now ..

Also found out that my old Logitech wingman yellow wheel is finally cactus. Bit of a sad end to it as it sputtered around the calibrations, but GRID failed to pick it up even after calibration. Oh well, looks like I'll need a PS3 / PC compatible wheel for Gran Turismo anyway..

Dragon Age: Origins (3h) - Alim, 8 Elven Mage - Picking my way through the elven forests. More interesting scenarios followed by some intense battles.

Osmos (2h) - Another cheap thanksgiving buy at $2. Been meaning to pick this one up for ages and even though I've played most of it in 2 hours, it's a great price for a novel, intelligent indie game.

Bejewelled Blitz (2h) - Usually keep going until I get past the 250K mark