Monday, November 16, 2009

GameLog 119 - 121

Finally finished up my teaching prac. Somedays there was virtually nothing to do while other days had marking and lesson preparation eating away at my game time. A 3 week summary this time. I guess I'm going to miss some of the odd little games, but luckily FM2010 kept most of my time contained in one game...

Football Manager 2010 (40h) - It always seems a shock when the game reports more than a day of play time, but in terms of hours it seems alright when it ticks over to 40 in a week (my goal). Started unemployed and landed a job at Bath 1/2 way through the season. A crash 10 hours in lost the lot, but luckily the restart had me starting at Bath again, just a little later. Lucky because I had already written up about 4 posts on my new AAR about the move to Bath: T.Bowes - FM 2010

Dragon Age: Origins (10h) - Alim, 7 Elven Mage - Newest purchase. Great to see it at $50 on Steam, but a 15Gb download ??!? Fairly impressed at the story building, but the overall moving about the world and interaction with items seems a bit behind the times. It's still better than Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights, but it seems to be the part of the game that hasn't advanced over the past 10 years. Combat seems fairly touch and go, which is nice. The party system seems to also raise some interesting choices. Looks like there's a looong way to go in the game too.

Dominions 3 (5h) - Kept interest until FM 2010 came out.

Bejewelled Blitz (3h) - Most weeks I can get over the 250K limit to grab the maximum stars, but the personal leaderboard is a fantastic motivator. Actually I'd like to see 2 more leaderboards: People in your region (coax people into sharing their location) Overall leaderboard for the week. I'd still keep the personal leaderboard as the default, but it'd be nice to have other challenges to feed that 'one more go' mentality.

Trackmania Nations (3h) - Spent some time racing through the single player tracks. Got almost all green medals now.

Wii Fit (1h) - Probably should be spending more on this, but at least Sandy is sticking at it.

Geodefense Swarm (1h) - 5 minute breaks at work when there's too many things on the go to start another one.