Wednesday, February 11, 2009

GameLog 78

Civ4:BtS Fall from Heaven II mod (35h) - Played through most of the game as Elohim, then multiple restarts of an emperor game. Currently holding my own as the Elves with Yggdrasil in range of my capital. Massive cities with 23 and 24 pop thanks to the religion giving +5 health and +1 happiness for each tree. That and trees not impacting on other improvements is making it a nice choice indeed. Angels have appeared from a good (?) vampire civ though.

Skate 2 (10h) - Slowly going through the missions, but mainly skating around looking for new create-a-spots. I should upload more videos that I have waiting on the editroom floor.

Cameron is playing Skate more than anything else at the moment and this seems to be the game where he'll demand the controller to have a go himself rather than happily sitting back and watching daddy play. I knew this day would come ...

The inline commentary from your sidekick contained too much swearing for Cameron, but luckily it's on a separate audio config line in the settings and can be turned down. Funnily enough the competitive and magazine commentary is all fine and delivered with a fairly positive attitude.

Little Big planet (4h) - I found out that the logitech controller I had for the PC actually works on little big planet! I'd tried it before, but the analog sticks weren't picking up, and being almost all controlled by analog sticks it was useless. not sure whether it was a failing of the analog button on the controller or an update to LBP to allow other controller types, but it has allowed Sandy and I to complete a couple of starting levels that needed 2xPlayers as wel las helping her through the ninja zones. Almost as good as that other couple activity...

Space Rangers 2 (1h) - Civ is pushing this one out.