Monday, May 19, 2008

GameLog 40

FM08 (15h) - Gateshead, season 2, 1st BSN - Knocked out of the FA Trophy and Setanta Shield in 3 days. Pity, I was hoping for my first silverware this season. Powering on to the end of the season now with 5 points clear. Should be a shoe-in now that I'm out of all the cup distractions. Sold off Giles Coke for 60,000 to give me some bargaining money, but all my potential imports have vanished. Hope I don't rue the sale later on ...

Guitar Hero III (3h) - Cameron wants 'Guitar' time every now and then. He'll either back me up on his ukelele or jump on the drums. Sandy gave it a go too and went pretty well for a first-timer. Took a while to get it into lefty mode as the controller was registered as number 2, but Guitar Hero had it as Player 1. I gave it a go left-handed too when Sandy took a break and it was much easier with the screen flipped to the left.

Bit pissed that they have you playing in hell though. Wonder if it can be skipped...

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Demo (3h) - With the PS3 connected I finally created a PSN account and downloaded a heap of demos to see what else this thing is capable of. Dynasty warriors translated well to the Gundam world, but I still suffered handcramp from doing the same thing over and over and ov ..

Race Driver GRID PS3 demo (3h) - Incredibly difficult to get into, even with all the driving aids turned on. Once oyu're there its really rewarding though. Spent aaaages trying to get the drifting map right and the effort made the other types of games easier as they need less control. Really good map of San Fransisco too. Was good enough to remind me of my trip over there. Going from this to Formula One CE made me like GRID even more. Disappointing when I found out it wasn't released yet ...

Bladestorm PS3 Demo (2h) - Same type of game as Dynasty warriors, but with more emphasis on the units around you. I seemed to only use one button though. Looks a potential pickup due to the character advancement though.

Other PS3 Demos (4h) - Pulled down a whole heap of other demos. Virtua Tennis III, Tiger woods Golf, Everybody's golf, Rubadub, Sudoku, Formula One Championship Edition

GTA 4 (1h) - Procrastination mode made me pull this out when Sandy gave me some 'free time' to work on the teaching assignment due next week.

FuryBand (1h) - VRBones LXI - Moved from Dwarf Fortress to FuryBand for downtime at work.